TMP Seal-less magnetic drive Pump
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TMP Seal-less magnetic drive Pump TMP 30RM-100RM

TMP Seal-less magnetic drive Pump TMP 1/2HP-5HP

1) Dry-running without damage.
2) Molded parts are out of FRPP,CFRPP,PVDF applicable to various chemicals.
3) The lightweight form and mounting plate structure is suitable for in-tank applications, easy to mount and maintain.
4) Shaft seal stops corrosive vapor to reach the motor bearing perfectly.
5) Closed impeller, fastened independence of rotational direction.
6) Shaft is separated from the chemicals by a plastic protective tube.
7) Radial and axial forces are absorbed by reinforced motor bearings.
8) Double protections of corrosion resistance of paint-coat.

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